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Tired with the problems of life that are increasingly coming – starting from the final task that undone to the heart is broken because the woman has married by someone – makes us start to get stressed!
Many life problems that come make us have to pull over to calm the mind and strengthen the heart that starts giving up.

Talking about the right place to calm the mind, we prefer a quiet place and soothing winds. When in Lampung, one of my friends invited us to spend the day in a quiet place and according to him, this place was worth it! to nostalgic while calming your mind, Karang Gigi Hiu Beach.
We are were curious about that spooky name decided to go to the location which turned out to be very far from the village.

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The beach is located in Pegadungan Village, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. To get to Pegadungan Village, it takes 3.5-4 hours from the city of Bandar Lampung.
The road to the beach from Pegadungan Village was not as good as we expected. The potholed and muddy road is our travel companion along the route to the beach. Coupled with the number of intersections, we are increasingly confused about where to direct the motorbike. After going through the forest route for +/- 50 minutes, we have to continue the journey by foot for +/- 20 minutes to the beach.

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After a long and tiring journey, we finally arrived at the beach which made us instantly stunned and muttered while talking “homina-homina-homina!”.
We didn’t expect it! Behind the ugly streets that we went through, behind a forest that almost misled us, in a hidden place, we found another hidden paradise of Indonesia.
All the fatigue that we experienced during the trip disappeared immediately paid in full without debt by this stunning view!

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We can’t describe the beauty of this beach with a single word!
Clusters of sharp-shaped rocks are arranged neatly and always in the waves, making the beach from a distance as if it were a very sharp shark’s teeth.
The cold sea breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the reef made us relax and enjoy this life. Our mind seemed to be “washed away” and our heart was “cleansed” by the beauty of Indonesia’s nature!

A cup of hot coffee at Karang Gigi Hiu Beach is very effective to close this beautiful day.

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Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Lampung.

Happy travel and leave no trash!




  1. Polly Polly Maret 31, 2019

    This really sounds and looks like an incredible place to visit. I can certainly agree that sometimes the most isolated and remote locations are the most beautiful ones, so just one more reminder why we should always keep exploring and going the extra step to find what is really worth it.

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi Maret 31, 2019

      I agree, isolated places can be the beautiful places.

  2. simplysarah simplysarah Maret 31, 2019

    No need to describe the beauty with words – your pictures say enough! What a great find. I too like to calm down this way. Thanks for sharing as I’ve never heard of this beach.

  3. Gracia Harrison Gracia Harrison April 1, 2019

    So gorgeous! It’s always awesome to find places off the beaten path! Indonesia is so great, heading to Bali now! It’s such a stunning country. Glad you got to enjoy this lovely spot!

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi April 1, 2019

      hello, I’m waiting for your stories in Indonesia. And, hope you enjoy it

  4. itsasweetsweetworld itsasweetsweetworld April 1, 2019

    I completely agree with you. We know how much we specifically try to find those away from the crowds, isolated areas in every place we visit. I feel they’re the true hidden gems and so is this one!

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi April 1, 2019

      yes. I agree with you. Isolated places are meant there is something to explore.

  5. Wow. I had to search where Lampung is as this is my first time hearing this place. Never thought this is in Indonesia. The view is breathtaking. I always like to discover places like this. It is truly a hidden paradise. Thanks for sharing this.

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