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To enjoy this life and calm the mind, you don’t need to go on vacation to faraway places. Just stop and look around. Take a walk around your village and see the things from a new perspective. You will find paradise!

With the simplest and most low-budget version of the student who hasn’t graduated yet, we can enjoy this beautiful life and relax the mind so it’s not going to stress.

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We are very fortunate to be born as a village child! Moreover, the village children at the foot of a mountain! Why? because nature is so beautiful and the air is so fresh. Serious! the air in our village is in the cold category, I meant. Even though sometimes during the day, it’s very hot.

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We were very proud that we born as an Indonesian, especially when I was born in a small village located at the foot of Mount Sago. This small village called Jorong Lakuak Dama is located in Kenagarian Sikabu-kabu Tanjung Haro Padang Panjang, Luak District, Lima Puluh Kota Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

As a village under the foot of a mountain, it is certainly surrounded by many hills with pine trees. Most pine trees here are still beautiful and are one of the sources of people’s livelihood here by using pine sap.

This morning, we took the time to enjoy the cold morning dew that was still thick on the pine hill behind our house grandpa and his dog who was very cool when photographed!

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Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in West Sumatera.

Happy travel and leave no trash!


  1. dewa putu am dewa putu am Maret 28, 2019

    Whoaaa,.. your pics look so awesome,.. my fav pic is the man whit his dog. It look so happy 🙂

  2. brobro brobro Maret 29, 2019

    so amazing, i love your story

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