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We believe our perspective matter – We believe that every experience has a unique story that is worth sharing with others. Travel to new places, meeting new cultures, new people and new languages give us unexpected life lessons. That is why we are here. Sometimes you can find us on Media.

Media Ibadah Mimpi

Media Ibadah Mimpi

Ibadah Mimpi’s independent travel blogsm that creates a story based on our experience. We believe this world is amazing, beautiful and wonderful. And on top of that, we believe that our lives need a value. We do it because we believe our perspective matters – because it might well be your perspective, too.

In Media, we share a variety of new perspectives that we learned during our adventure, we believe that this world is so beautiful. It would be very unfortunate if we did not share various interesting and unique stories that we encountered during our adventure around the world.

Every valuable experience we get during our adventure will be shared in this travel blog Ibadah Mimpi, and this is about Ibadah Mimpi. Feel free to read and share the story with the world.

Oh btw, you can show us on media social too. Please go to Ibadah Mimpi’s social media accounts and maybe we can share the story together!