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What tips should we take into account when buying a mountain bike ?. When we decided to buy a mountain bike btt mtb because we believe that the one we have falls short, we start to buy another btt mtb bicycle. Buying a  Best Budget Mountain Bike Riding can be a bit frustrating, and it can take some time. These tips will help you put your ideas in order before making this investment so that it is easier for you to buy a bicycle and for that investment to be the most appropriate. Although these tips are focused on those already started on Mountain Biking, they are also useful for those who are about to buy a  for the first time.

Here are the tips to choose Mountain Bike Riding In Your budget. There is almost no limit to buy a MTB , so we must adjust to our budget. We must then look at those btt mtb bicycles that do not exceed it, we will avoid our final frustration. Follow these tips: We must never tell the seller the budget we have to buy the bicycle, we only ask about prices and features, components and options, thus avoiding readjusting the prices.

Choice of a bicycle shop. To buy a Best Mountain Bike under 300, we must choose a bicycle shop with sufficient service guarantees after the sale, we should look for a close relationship between warranty compliance and quality after-sale service. Follow these tips: It should not be exclusively the minimum price that makes us decide to buy our bicycle. Any local bicycle shop, rather than a department store, in a local bicycle shop, we will have exclusive attention and advice in many cases. Let yourself be advised and then with all the information that they offer you, take the decision, do not let yourself be carried away to buy your mountain bike.

Photo by Haidan on Unsplash
Photo by Haidan on Unsplash

To find the local bicycle shop where to buy we will use different ways of information. The website of a local bike shop will help us to know some details that may be useful and we may find some useful tips as well. Search in google the models of bicycles that by characteristics and price are within your budget, make a list of models. The “word of mouth” in this world is very important too, ask other fans and friends of the mountain bike, ask for advice to them, they will surely tell you how they have gone, observe what we said before, the After sales service when buying is very important.

What style do you like to practice with the MTB?

Our style and preferences. Since mountain bikes are designed for different riding styles and terrains, we should keep in mind these preferences when buying a mountain bike. We like to run on tracks, cross country, large climbs, large descents, or a mixture of all the above. At this point, we must follow the advice of the seller of the bicycle shop.

Rigid or double suspension? For general use of the mountain bike, it is recommended a MTB with double suspension. Rigid calls that really are not, because they refer to those that only have front suspension, are somewhat lighter in weight, more efficient in pedalling, but more uncomfortable in downs and adverse terrain. Follow these tips: A good rear shock absorber will be able to partially minimize the losses of pedalling efficiency in climbs, so the disadvantages are less than the benefits. A double suspension will considerably increase the price, an aspect to take into account when buying our bicycle to keep from the budget.

Photo by Eerik Sandstrom on Unsplash
Photo by Eerik Sandstrom on Unsplash

Tips on the components when buying mountain bike btt mtb:

Advice on the order of choice of components. It is almost impossible to compare all the components of a mountain bike when buying, but we must take into account the main tips. The order to start with would be: Front suspension, Rear shock absorber in case of double suspension, front and rear changes and lastly the wheels, it is a component challenge we leave it to personal choice. In all these components we must take into account the manufacturer that must be of recognized category and where we can adjust price and performance will be in the model, always without losing sight of the manufacturers of first-order components.

Tips on disc brakes or V-brakes:

At the present time and for many reasons our advice when buying a mountain bike there is no discussion on the brakes, disc brakes have been imposed despite the fact that each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. Currently, there are hardly any bicycles with rim brakes called V-Brakes, this type of brakes being almost relegated to custom mountain bike assemblies.

Tips on tubeless or cameras:

In the purchase of a mountain bike we have to take into account the tires, and that is why we must keep in mind the systems of wheels that do not have a camera, called tubeless. This system will offer us more performance than the traditional tire with the camera, despite the greater complexity at the time of assembly and maintenance. With the correct configuration, the performance will be much higher, especially for those who traditionally put high pressures to the wheels to avoid punctures.

It is highly recommended to buy our mountain bike if we choose the tubeless option, the choice of a quality sealant liquid. At this point, we must follow the advice of the seller of the bicycle shop that you choose. You must take into account the correct inflation pressure for the mountain bike.

Advice on the price, important factor:

The prices when buying a MTB at Best Budget price can fluctuate significantly during the year. The main shopping season is from spring to summer. If you are lucky enough to be able to wait for this time to pass you can get better prices, usually in the fall and winter, you can save a few hundred euros. In addition, you will also find that a lot of bicycle shops offer discounts when buying a model from last year, this usually happens in the first months of the year.

Having seen all these tips, we still have to visit the bicycle shops to buy our mountain bike. These tips are only indications of where to undertake the purchase of a bicycle. I hope you find them useful.

Photo by Riley Harrison on Unsplash
Photo by Riley Harrison on Unsplash


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