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In the last weekend, we spend some time in Rumah Gadang Sungai Baringin, Payakumbuh. Rumah Gadang (big house) are the traditional homes of the Minangkabau. Rumah Gadang Sungai Baringin is located in Nagari Sungai Baringin, Payakumbuh City or Lima Puluh Kota Regency, West Sumatra. This place is only about 10-15 minutes from the centre of Payakumbuh City. 

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The houses have a dramatic curved roof structure with multi-tiered, upswept gables. Shuttered windows are built into walls incised with profuse painted floral carvings. The term Rumah Gadang (big house) usually refers to the larger communal homes, however, smaller single residences share many of its architectural elements.

In West Sumatra, traditional Rumah Gadang reflects the province’s Minangkabau people and has become the symbol of West Sumatra and Minangkabau culture.

One of the best thing that made me interested in coming here is because of its location around the rice field area, so it’s going to be cool and really worth it!

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Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Payakumbuh.

Happy travel and leave no trash!


  1. monstanima monstanima Maret 24, 2019

    bagus sekali gan… but in english, i dont understand very well…
    but nice picture, i love Indonesia…

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi Maret 24, 2019

      hahaha.. dont worry about that. Saya masih belajar gimana membuat tulisan bahasa inggris yang baik dan benar mas broo

  2. Danang Danang Maret 25, 2019

    Kemaren sempet main kepadang,, tapi blm main kerumah gadang,,
    nice post

    balik ke

  3. isat jerry isat jerry April 1, 2019

    bagus banget om,,,kapan ya saya bisa kesana..,,

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