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If we talk about the wonderful of Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Island does hide beautiful places that we shouldn’t miss. There’s a story that won’t run out to tell. Behind the hot weather, at the end of the savannah, there are hidden beautiful places that shouldn’t be missed!

Previously, the trip took us to some beautiful places in Sumba, such as Tanggedu Waterfall and Ratenggaro Traditional Village.

And this time the wind brought us to a beautiful place in one corner of Sumba, Lake Weekuri. A lake with clear water like glass! Lake Weekuri is located in Kalena Rongo Village, Kodi Utara District, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

The Access to Lake Weekuri is a bit difficult. First, you should go to Tambolaka. Then, you can continue the journey to Lake Weekuri with an estimated time of approximately 2 hours drive by private vehicle, because there is no public transport available to serve that route. Therefore, the traveller is advised to use a private vehicle or rent a car/motorcycle with the driver. The distance between the city centre and the lake is about 38 km from the centre of Southwest Sumba District (it is about 1 hour 24 minutes).

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Lake Weekuri is like a lagoon surrounded by rocks and large cliffs. This lake is famous for having very fascinating scenery. If we see it from a height, then we can know if Wekuri Lake has very clear water.

photo by ibadahmimpi.comWater in Lake Weekuri is brackish water (salty) because this lake is located right beside the sea that only separated by cliffs alone. So in this lake, we have presented two natural scenery at once, the lake and the sea. Water in Lake Weekuri has a turquoise colour. Even so clear, we can see the sand at the bottom of the lake you know. Moreover, this lake is not too deep, so this lake is very suitable for swimming even though you can not swim.

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Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in East Nusa Tenggara.

Happy travel and leave no trash!


  1. rehitu rehitu Maret 17, 2019

    Wooww it is very clear! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Dyah Dyah Maret 18, 2019

    Gila, itu pemandangannya keren banget! Tapi aksesnya aja dari Tambolaka. Lumayan ribet ya…

  3. The Friendkerz The Friendkerz Maret 31, 2019

    saya tidak terlalu mengerti bhs inggris bro, menurut saya artikel ini sangat keren diilihat dari gmbarnya saja pengen kesana jala2 hehhe

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi Maret 31, 2019

      gak apa-apa bro. Selama kamu menikmati indahnya Indonesia itu sudah cukup

  4. zunif zunif Maret 31, 2019

    indah sekali ya kak pemandangan alam nya, cocok banget untuk destinasi wisata, apalagi kalau mau berlibur bisa coba kesana untuk refreshing 😉

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