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Day after day, we feel like this world is increasingly made stressful on our mind. Starting from the final task that has so many revision, someone that we love was proposed by someone, to the money that had already begun to empty.

The more problems come to make us start to be pessimistic in life. It seems that we need to take some time and use it to calm the mind and refill the motivation that has already left.

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One of our friends who just returned from Bandung invited me to spend an overnight in the mountain, Mount Sago. That was a great idea!

Mount Sago is included as an inactive mountain (hopefully not active!). Located in Lareh Sago Halaban District, Luak District, and Situjuah Limo Nagari District which is part of the Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatra.

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A good day

Our trip started at 10 am, the plan was originally only five people who would climb to the top of the mountain. We don’t know why, but after we arrived at the entrance to the jungle, there were already 10 people waiting for us to climb together.

After 5 hours of climbing the track that climbed almost 45 degrees along the way, we finally arrived at the top at 3 pm. Although Mount Sago is not the top mountain for climbers in West Sumatra, we really enjoy the natural beauty that is presented priceless. The natural sound is soothing and it makes me relax.

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And this is the moment that we’ve been waiting for, sunrise!

Enjoying the new day at the top of the mountain with old friends while grateful for how beautiful this life is the best thing that we could imagine. We can’t describe it in words. All burdens just disappear as the sun shines in the morning!

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Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Payakumbuh.

Happy travel and leave no trash!


  1. Sin Boy Sin Boy March 23, 2019

    Mantab nih gan. Ane dulu juga suka naik gunung. Tapi sekarang sudah dilarang bini. Hahahaaa

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi March 24, 2019

      waduhh. kalau sudah ngomongin bini saya gak ikut campur mas bro. ahahaha

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