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We need to do something new in our life. When in Jakarta, we try our first street photography. We are going to the train station and start shooting everything we want, we mean, take a photo. With the basic skill, we create some photo and we want you to know!

photo by photo by photo by photo by photo by photo by photo by

Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Jakarta.

Happy travel and leave no trash!


  1. BOCAH UDIK BOCAH UDIK March 21, 2019

    Adeem banget liat Street Photography nya. Jago

  2. mhdarya. mhdarya. March 25, 2019

    sumpah keren banget fotonya,,, i ever went to jakarta twice, but never took some photos pretty good. coz i used my BB to captured and that’s bad idea for took some photo’s memories

    keren lah pokoknya…

    sorry if i did bad english, im noob. LoL

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi Post author | March 26, 2019

      terima kasih banyak mas broo…
      Menurut saya yang penting itu “man behind the camera” bro

  3. Nurul Sufitri Nurul Sufitri March 29, 2019

    Keren foto2nya. Street Photography ini beda dengan landscape ya mbak? Jadi mau belajar motret yg lebih baik nih hehehe.

    • ibadahmimpi ibadahmimpi Post author | March 30, 2019

      aaa saya bukan mbak. hehe

      Kata yang ahlinya sih beda.
      Saya juga baru belajar mbak bro. hehe

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